4 Letters Movie Review

Cast and Crew :
Starring :Eshwar, Tuya Chakraborthy, Ankitha Maharana, Kausalya , Annapurna, Sudha, posani Krishna Murali.
Directed by: R.Raghuraj.
Producers: Dommaraju Hemalatha, Udaykumar
Music: Bheems Ceciroleo.
Release date : 22nd Feb 2019.

Continuing the small budget movie trend yet another film ‘4 Letters’ directed by R. Raghuraj hits the screen today. let’s see about the review.
Story :
Vizu (Eshwar) is the son of the top business man. He is the owner of some hundreds of crores, he is studying B.Tech and he is Most Intelligent Fellow. Vizu’s father encouraged him to lead his life with full of enjoyment. With few incidents he has to do what Anjali (Tuya Chakraborthi)says. After few incidents, Anjali falls in love with Vizu.But for some reason Anjali breaks with him. Thereafter another girl (Ankitha Maharana) came to Vizu’s Life. They love each other. But Anjali again wants to enter into Vizu’s life. What happens later is the story.

Performances :
Eshwar, who played the main role tried his best to act as a settled actor. His performance is particularly good in love sequence. Tuya Chakraborthy who acted as the most innocent girl, impressed with her performance and her glamour.Another heroine Maharana impress with her decent performance. Especially in the climax the scenes between Sudha and Eswar were awesome. Actors Kausalya, Annapurna, Sudha, Sathiyakrishna, Electalakha Raman, Suresh, Posani Krishnamurali, Krishna Bhagwan, Gautam Raju, Ananth and Venu did their best performances according to their roles.

Technical aspects :
Coming to director Raghuraj, even though he is a debue director he narrated the story in a neat way. The way he scripted his screenplay will makes audience thrill. The film came out with decent look only because of cinematographer Chitti Babu. He has done his job perfectly. Bheems music is another plus point for this film. He made some effort to keep the film on track with his background. It seems both the producers Hemalatha, Udaykumar didn’t compromised in budget. The production values are nice.

Verdict :
Overall, 4 letters movie impress all the set of audience. It is a fully youth and family entertainer. Even though it is a regular Commercial movie but the way director Raghuraj narrated the story will impress you a lot. So have a look once on 4 letters movie this weekend.

Rating : 3/5

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