7 Movie Review

Cast and Crew :
Starring : Havish, Regina Cassandra,
Nanditha Swetha, Anisha Ambrose, Rahman and others
Direction : Nizar Shafi
Producer : Ramesh Varma
Music : Chetan Bharadwaj

Story :

Coming to the story, two women gave a complaint in a police station againt their husband missing. It turns out the man in question is same guy Karthik (Havish) across all cases. The police do their investigation and try to find out the truth about the whole happenings. In that process another women gave same complaint. After that story went in a serious note. What did they find? Who is Karthik and what is his relationship with the various women? For all those answers we need to go and watch in theaters.

Performances :

When coming to performance, the main lead Havish is the biggest weak link. Giving expression is not as easy as growing hair, which is the only thing the actor has in abundance. With his poor performance he totally disappointed. Unfortunately, he is present for most of the runtime of the movie.There are not one or two, but six heroines in the movie. Among them, Nanditha Swetha, Anisha Ambrose and Regina Cassandra get the bests parts. Again between them, Regina is on a different level. It is the role of a lifetime for her concerning the acting chops. She acts, then overacts and finally goes beyond. Rest of them played well.

Technical aspects :

Famous cinematographer, Nazar Shafi makes his directorial debut with this bilingual movie Seven. It is a different attempt in that the routine-story is presented in a thriller format with multiple twists with out any new elements. Chetan Bharadwaj of RX100 fame provides the music. It is nowhere near that album musically. The background score too is loud and nothing special. The movie looks properly lit up like a biggie in many sequences. The editing is alright there is no lag as the film races ahead. The writing should have been better and work well.

Verdict :

This is a film in the thriller category with out thrilling elements. Havish perforamce is biggest minus to this movie. The movie opens interestingly at the police station, but as soon as the flashback begins, the movie lost everything. Finally, watch this movie on your own risk.

Rating :1/5

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