Allu Sirish “ABCD” Movie Review

Starring : Allu Sirish, Rukshar Dhillon, Naga Babu

Director :  Sanjeev Reddy

Producers :  Madhura Sridhar Reddy , Yash Rangineni

Music Director :  Judah Sandhy

After Oka khanam movie Allu Sirish came up with the movie ABCD. Which is the remake of the Malayalam hit film with the same name. The film has hit the screens today and let’s see about the review.


Coming to the story , Aravind(Allu Sirish) is a rich kid to Nagababu who is a billioner in the US. He does not have any value for money. Seeing his careless attitude, his dad(Naga Babu) sends him to India to understand the real value of money. At first, Aravind feels that it is a jolly trip but comes to know that his father has cut off all his finances. Rest of the story is as to how Aravind survives in India and what problems he faced in india is the main story .

Performances :

When coming to performance, Allu Sirish looks way better and does his role well. Comparing to other his previous movies. Performance wise, he has improved a lot and is now at ease in front of the camera. Sirish has a good comedy angle in him and that has been captured well in this film

Another Plus point of the movie is Vennela Kishore. He is hilarious in the role of a news reporter. His body language and the manner in which he evoked the spoof comedy of the TV reporter is way too good. But sadly, his role in shortlived. The first half of the film has some fun during the first half an hour. Rukshar Dhillon looks natural and was neat with her performance. Comedian Bharath was decent but he was not utilized properly.
Raja Chambolu who played the main villain is quite impressive. He is a very gifted actor and it will be good to see him getting utilized more by our makers. Rest of the charectors played well according to their roles.

Technical Aspects:

Coming to the debue director Sanjeev, he has done just an okay job with the film. He starts the proceedings on an interesting note and holds the first half well with the comedy drama and he bit lost grip on second half.

Production values by Madhura Sreedhar is just ok. The camera work is passable but the music and background score are top notch. Dialogues are very good and have a good humor. Sirish has been dressed well in the film.


One the whole, ABCD is comedy movie with few routine drama . The film starts well and evokes decent fun in the first half. Allu Sirish does well with his impressive. All we suggest you to watch this film with an open mind and low expectations then automatically you will enjoy the movie.

Rating : 3/5

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