Arjun Jandyala Interview about Guna 369

Arjun jandyala is a Telugu film Director who is coming with a movie called Guna 369. karthikeya will be leading the movie. this movie is going to release on Aug 2nd. So he interacted with media and gave answers –

What is the story of Guna 369 ?

The main theme of this movie is how a responsible person can face all the issues come over to his family. Story runs in a reality way all the scenes are written in a simple and natural manner that every one faced in their life.

Do you have any relation with Senior Director jandyala ?

Actually so many are asking this question, Yes we have relation with him but it was so long relation. Its sounds so good to hear that from every one mentioning me as Jandyala’s student.

What was the character of Karthikeya ?

In this movie Karthikeya will be seen totally different as his previous movies. He played a family emotional role which is very challenging to him. His role will be like, how a student changed into Guna 369 is the main theme.

What Compliment you got from Boyapati Sir after watching this movie ?

I worked with my guru Boyapati since from Thulasi movie. I got huge appreciation from him after watching this movie. I didn’t even tried to do movies like him because his movie will be in another level. I only learn how to make a film in a proper way from Boyapati sir.


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