Bailampudi Movie Review

cast and crew :
Starring : Harish Vinay, Tanishq Rajan, Bhramanandreddy
Director : Anil PG Raj
Producer : Bharamanada Reddy

Continuing the trend of small budget movies this week yet another movie called Bailampudi came to theatres. Lets see about the review.

Story :

Coming to the story, Ravi (Harish Vinay) is a auto driver in a small village called Bailampudi. He fell in love with Kalyani(Thanishq Rajan) who is a daughter of village head Guru Narayan (Bharamanandareddy). In few incidents Ravi Opposes Guru Narayana’s work. This impresses kalyani and she also fell in love with Ravi but Narayana wont acept their love for this Ravi Kill Narayana. Before he dead Narayana tells a secret about Kalyani. What is that secret? is the rest of the story.

Performances :

Coming to the performances, Main lead Harish vinay pull up the entire movie on his shoulders. Even though this is his debue movie he got good marks for his decent acting. Thanishq Rajan played decent role as a village girl. She impressed with her cute looking and glamarous role. Pair of the both leads looks very promising on the screen. The person who acted a Guru Narayana Has to improve lot to get nice chances in telugu. In this movie his acting is upto the mark. Remaining charecters like Ravi’s friends and mother roles did well upto their mark and rest of them played accordingly.

Technical Aspects :

Coming to the Director Anil, he came up with nice script which runs around the drugs. With out any drag he conveyed the story in a decent manner. Main plus point is he only handled the Cinematography where he capture the scenes according to his vision. Dialogues by Manamada Sai are nice. Subhash Anand’s music played key role in the movie. Editing is upto mark as well production values.

Verdict :

Bailampudi is a de-glamorous village love story which is having all kind of elements to watch atleast for a single time.

Rating :3/5

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