Bilalpur Police Station Movie Review

Cast and crew :
Starring : Srinath Maganti and Saanve Meghna
Director :Naga sai Makam
Story and producer : Mahankali Srinivas
Cinematographer : Thota v Ramana
Music Director : Sabu vargis

Bilalpur Police Station is a Telugu movie starring Srinath Maganti and Saanve Meghna in prominent roles. It is an action drama directed by Naga Sai Makam. 

Surya a powerful police office came to Bilalpur police station as SI. His main aim is to keep Bilalpur police station in higher position. After few incidents he got two cases, one is missing case and another one is theft case. Surya took both the cases as a challenge. Who Surya chased both the cases ? What is the role of Venkanna ? What happened after he loved to Venkanna’s daughter Srilatha(Sanvi Meghana)? For all those questions we have to go and watch in theaters.

Performances :
Coming to the performances, Srinath played a crucial role as a powerful police officer. Even though he is new to camera he acted as a well known actor and got good marks with his pleasent acting. Sanvee Meghana a new girl to telugu screen also played well. She did some magic with her Uber cool looks and decent performance and another main lead actor cum Singer Goreti Venkanna played a powerful role and his character is the main highlight of the film. He proved that he is not only good at Singing but also at acting. Rest of the Charectors played well according to their roles.

Technical aspects :
Coming to director Naga Sai Makam, he succeeded by choosing this kind of story. Even though he selected old concept but he succeeded with his new kind of screenplay. Dilaouges written by him are very crucial and got good appreciation. Cinematographer Thota V Ramana did his best and kept screen very colourful and he show cased villages very well. Songs and background music of Mouna Sri mallik and Venkanna are impressive. Production values by MS creations are good. We appreciate Mahankali Srinivas to not compromise on budget for this movie.

Verdict :
On a whole, Bilalpur police station movie will impress suspense movie lovers very well. Naga sai makkam’s screenplay will engage the audience throughout the movie. So have a look on this weekend on this movie.

Rating :3/5

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