Bluff Master Movie Review

Bluff Master Movie Review :

Starring : Satya Dev, Nandita Swetha

Director : Gopi Ganesh

Producers : Ramesh, P.Pillai

Music Director : Sunil Kasyap

Cinematographer : Dasaradhi Sivendra

Release Date : 28th Dec 2019.

A remake of the Tamil blockbuster Sathuranga Vettai, Bluffmaster tells the story of a youngster who targets people, to fulfill his greed for money. Bluff Master has been promoted quite decently among this week releases. Directed by Gopi Ganesh, the film has hit the screens today. Let’s check about the review.


Utham Kumar (Satyadev) is an intelligent person, who does high-profile scams by cashing on public beliefs. On his Journey He meets Avani (Nanditha Swetha), a dignified and kind-hearted girl. Utham crosses paths with a dreaded criminal played by Adithya Menon and fixes a deal for a never before scam with which he can settle down in life.
Rest of the story is as to how Utham successfully completes the deal. what happens at last ? Did utham marry Adithya Menon ? for all those questions we need to go and watch in theaters.

Perforamnces :

In Perforamnce Zoner we maily mention the hard work of Hero Satyadev. He is perfect in his role. His screen presence is good and Satya’s performance is very impressive in a few manipulation crime scenes. Mainly, his dialogue delivery is an added advantage for the film and it is good to see Satya get such author-backed roles in his career. we hope he is having better future in tollywood industry.
Heroine Nanditha Swetha is good in her given role as a kind-hearted girl and her acting in an emotional scene during the climax is top notch.Comedian Prudhvi evokes decent laughs and Climax portion is executed of the charectors did well.

Technical Aspects:
Every audience is looking for the work of work of Director Gopi Ganesh,His screenplay and narration during the crucial blocks are engaging. few scenes written by him are very top notch.
The cinematography is good as the film’s mood is captured with appropriate visuals. Editing is decent as the film’s runtime is within boundaries.Music is okay as two montage songs featuring the lead pair are good to listen. Background score impresses in parts. Production values are good.

On the whole,Hero Satyadev leads from the front and makes his conman role interesting.Bluff Master keeps you entertained with its quirky humour and mind games. Just that the film did have more potential to entertain you.

Rating :3.25/5

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