Darpanam Movie Review

Darpanam Movie Review

Story :
karthik reddy who is always doing robories along with his three friends. One fine day they went to one big banglow for robbery but suddenly they find 4 dead bodies including Kavya but one of them who is at last stage asked for their help. Karthik decided to help them but his friends opposed his idea and left from that banglow. From them onwards karthik’s lover Madhu has to face lots of issues.Who killed 4 persons ? why they killed them ? is the rest of the story.

Performances :
As a hero Thanishq hid nice job with his decent role. He showed his brilliant performance in dialouge delivery as well in dance. Friends who acted with Tanishq did thier jobs is best way and they gave their full efforts towards their charectors. Subhangi Panth who did ghost charector gave her best performance. Heroine played decent role and added glamour to the screen.

Technical aspects :
With out any lag director directly entered into the main story. the way he mained the suspense thriller till the end tells about his work on the script.He balanced the horror and thriller in best way. Cinematography is nice. Music are upto mark but BGM given by him was really nice. Production values are really good.

Verdict :

Overall, Director balanced both the horror and thriller in a decent manner so that every one will get thrill till the end.

Rating :3/5

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