Edaina Jaragocchu Movie Review

Cast and Crew :
Starring :Bobby Simha, Vijaya Raja,Sasha Singh, Pooja Solanki,Raghava, Ravi sivateja, Ajay Ghosh,Vennala kishore,Nagababu
Director : K Rama Kanth
Producers :K.Umakanth,P. Sudarshan Hanagodu
Music Director : Srikanth Pendyala
Editor : A Vijay Reddy
Release date :23-08-2019

Actor Shivaji Raja’s son Vijay Raja’s debut film, “Edaina Jaragocchu” came up to the screen with buzz. Lets see about the review.


Coming to the story, Jai (Vijay Raja) and his two childhood friends mess up with a local goon Kaali (Bobby Simha) to earn money. After few incidents, three friends decide to disturb Kaali by targetting his personal life. Who is Kaali? What is his flashback story ? How the three teenagers escape from a deadly goon like Kaali? Is the rest of the story to all the answers we need to go and watch in theaters.

Performances :

Coming to the performances, we should appreciate hero Vijay Raja for accepting this role. He is just a character in the film and not having any special introduction fight or scene. He gave a decent performance in teenager role. The two actors who played Vijay’s friends are equally good in their roles. After hero’s charecter, second main person in the film is Bobby Simha. He played a crucial role in rugged look and the way he carried his character breathe life into the movie. Heroine Pooja Solanki is okay in her purposeful role and delivers a decent performance during the climax. Actor Ajay Ghosh makes his presence in a short and sweet role. Rest of them played according to their roles.

Technical Aspects:

Coming to the Director Ramakanth, he picked a crime zoner subject and executed well with a mix of comedy. He succeeded in establishing the crime setup with different screenplay. Few dialogues written by him are catchy and nice. Editing is decent and Sameer reddy Cinematography is good which apt to the genre. Music by Srikanth Pendyala are nice and his background score played crucial role to highlighting the scene.


On the whole, “Edaina Jaragocchu” is a decent crime comedy movie with horror based screenplay. Watch this movie for few thrilling elements only.

Rating :3.25/5

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