Evaru Movie Review

Cast and crew :
Starring : Advi Sesh, Regina Cassandra, Naveen chandra, Murali Sharma.
Director : Venkat Ramji
Music: Sricharan pakala
Producer : Param V Potluri

Continuing the thriller movies trend yet another movie named Evaru came to theaters this week. Adivi Sesh, Regina Cassandra, Naveen Chandra and Murli Sharma directed by Venkat Ramji under Param V Potluri’s PVP banner. This movie hits the screen today so let see about the review.

Story :

Coming to the story, Shamera (Regina) is a recepsanist who married his boss Rahul for her dream life. But after few incidents she mudered a police officer Ashok(Naveen Chandra) in a resot. To come out from the murder case she took help of Sub-inspector Vikram Vasudev(Advi sesh ) who is a corrupted police officer. When Vikram goes deeper in investigation he finds lot of twists in the murder. What are those twists ? What is the relation of Shamera with Ashok ? Why she murdered Ashok ? is the rest of the story.

Performances :

Coming to the performnaces, Mainly we should mention about Advi Sesh’s acting. He once again proved that he is very good at thriller movies. Especially in climax every one claped for his thrilling acting. Dominating Advi Sesh acting, Resina got huge response for her role. The role which she played in this movie will be the best role in her entire movie carrier. The variation she shown on the screen will tooks the film to the next level. The scenes between Advi Sesh and Resina will shut your breath in climax. Coming to the other charectors like Naveen chandra, he played crucial role as Ashok. Romantic scenes between Resina and Naveen chandra are at high level. Murali Sharma played decent role as his part is key role of the movie.

Technical aspects :

Coming to the Director Venkat Ramji, He did fantastic job with his screenplay. He narrated the story in a neat and clear way even though there is lot of twists in the story. Even though this is his first movie he got complete grip over the story. Each and every scene in the movie will make you breath out. Sricharan pakala scored music for this thriller as we all know that thriller movies need decent background score to highlite the scene. When coming to this movie he did fantastic job with his BGM. Garry Bh’s editing was nice and he titen the movie with his cuts. Production values by PVP are nice as there is nothing more to invest on this project.

Verdict :
Overall, Evaru is an unpredictable thriller movie it’s like a dice you roll never knowing what number you’re gonna get. Advi Seshu and Resing kept this movie at another level with their acting.

Rating :3/5

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