Falaknuma Das Movie Review

Cast and Crew :
Starring : Viswaksen , Saloni Mishra, Harshita Gaur,  Uttej, Tharun Bhaskar.
Director : Viswaksen
Producer : Karate Raju

Falaknuma Das is a Telugu movie starring Harshita Gaur, Saloni Misra and Vishwaksen in prominent roles. It is a drama directed by Vishwaksen Hits the screen today. Lets see about the review.

Story :
Das (Vishwak Sen) is a local guy from Falaknuma who grown up by seeing local leader shakar anna. He wants to become a tough guy like them. However, life takes him elsewhere as he plans to settle with a single bomb blast. After that What did he do and how it changes his life is what the film is all about the story.

Performance :
Main lead Vishwak Sen did ine man show with His character as well as directing the movie. As an actor, he gives his all, the effort is visible and therein lies the problem amd coming to two female leads Saloni Mishra and Harshita Gaur, and none make any impact despite their importance in the narrative. The real show stealers are the batch around Das played by a combination of a new and old actor like Uttej. The latter gets a rare well defined and crucial role to shine, and he makes the best use of it by standing tall above all. The rest have their moments but are ultimately sidekicks. The actor playing Ravi could have been a show stealer from everyone and hogged the limelight it happened in the original, but he fails to do so. Instead, Tharun Bhascker Dhaassyam gives wonderfull performance as a police officer. Rest of them played as per their roles.

Technical aspects :
Coming to Direction, Vishwak Sen takes entire movie on his shoulders. Falaknuma Das is a simple story when we look at it as a whole and analyse. However, its real strength lies in individual characters. Visible effort has been put undoubtedly to relocate the remake and bring in the all-important milieu effect of the original. Background score by Vivek Sagar is as much a show stopper as are the dialogues. It is fantastic. Vivek Sagar continues to impress musically irrespective of the success or failure of the movie. The cinematography is lively in parts but is weak otherwise. The editing is patchy and slows down the film considerably and critical moments. Production values are good.

Verdict :
Overall , Falaknuma Das deserves appreciation for the attempt and well showcased the local flavour. He would be tempting to resist, especially for Hyderabadi’s. But, this movie can’t work out well in second half. For those who loves local mass movies it will be a feast.

Rating :3/5

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