Game Over Movie Review

Cast and Crew :

Starring :  Taapsee Pannu, Anish Kuruvilla
Director :  Ashwin Saravanan
Producers :  S. Sashikanth
Music Director :  Ron Ethan Yohaan

With out a huge hype Taapsee’s Game Over movie came to screens today. lets see about the review.


Entering into the story, Swapna(Taapsee) is a video gaming developer who works mostly from home. As a part of her love towards gaming shr gets a tattoo on her hand. She starts getting weird dreams and also is targeted by some wicked invaders at her home who try to kill her after this tattoo on her hand. Who are these people? What are the dreams all about? and How will Taapsee fight her internal and external problems? To know all those answers we have to go and watch in theaters.

Performances :

Game Over is completely Taapsee’s show. She primarily clicks because of the screen presence and performance. Off late, Taapsee has turned into a powerhouse performer and she does it once again in this film. Taapsee’s expressions and the manner in which she showcases her helplessness in crunch scenes is top notch in the film. She is wheel chair bound most of the time in the film and gives her best in every scene. The second half is where the actual action happens. The thrills showcased, the suspence created and performances during this time are very good. Second person Vinodini played a crucial role and she did fantastic performance.

Technical Aspects:
Coming to the director Ashwin Saravanan, he has done a decent job with this film. The way how he show cased the film is brilliant. He takes his own time to establish the story and accelerates his narration in the second half. He would have made the plot even more simple and understandable. section of the audience things would have been even better. Ron Yohann’s music score for the film is impressive. His work especially in the second half lifts the film to another level. The film has a neat concept and is made with good production values.

Taapsee Pannu`s Game Over is a multi-layered and concept-oriented film that has its heart at the right place. With a screenplay that offers many thrills, Game Over is a must-watch this summer.

Rating :3.25/5

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