Guna 369 Movie Review

Guna 369 Movie Review :

Cast and crew :
Starring : Kartikeya, Anagha, Shivaji Raja, Adithya Menon
Director : Arjun Jandhyala
Producers : Amireddy Tirumal Reddy, Anil Kadiyala
Music Director : Chaitan Bharadwaj

After Rx100 and Hippi movie young hero Kartikeya has come up with yet another film, titled, Guna 369. the film has hit the screens today. Let’s see about the review.


Coming to the story, Guna(Kartikeya) is a guy who is working in factory and leads a happy life with his family. He always tries to solve the issues of the aggrieved parties with his calmness. He fell in love with Geetha(Anagha) who is working in mobile shop. In other hand one of his friend get in trouble because of the main villian. Guna take iniciative to solve the problem but he gets cornered in a murder case. How will Guna deal with the incidents? What kind of sacrifices he had to make to come out of the case? is the rest of the story.


Coming to the Performances, Hero Kartikeya is good in his role. The way he transforms into a mass character in the second half will be in another level. Heroine Anagha has an attractive screen presence and did her purposeful role decently. One thing we must appriciate her is that one will accept this kind of roles. Love scenes between the lead pair during the first half have come out well.Rangasthalam fame Mahesh gets a meaty role and delivered a good performance. He played key role in the movie which every one will get surprise by his role.

Technical Aspect :

Coming to the direction, Arjun Jandyala has choosen a content-oriented script which deals in a realistic way. He has worked on the screenplay and scenes carefully to hold the attentionIf the narration was a bit more gripping, the output could have been even better. Music by Chaitan Bharadwaj are impressive. His background score during the climax portion is good and brings depth to the film. Editing work by Thammiraju is okay and he kept the runtime in limits. Cinematography by Raam Reddy is good with his camera.Production values for this limited budget film are impressive.

On the whole, Guna 369 is a mass film which will impress all set of the audience with good message. The twists unveiled in the second half are totally unexpected and are executed decently. karthikeya’s acting will be in the biggest plus point of this mass oriented movie. This movie will works well in B,C centers.

Rating :3/5

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