Hyderabad Nawabs 2 Movie Review

Hyderabad Nawabs 2 Movie Review

Artists : R.K Mama,Aziz Naser,Ali Reza, Gullu Dada,Akbar Bin Tabar,Farha Fatima Khan….
Music : Rajesh SS
Cinematographer :Vasu
Director : R.K Mama
Release Date :19-07-2019


Hyderabadi local language hit movie “Hyderabad Nawabs” sequel movie “Hyderabad Nawabs 2” released this Friday ,let’s see the about the review.

Story :
Coming to the story, The film revolves around Munna (Ali Reza) who wants to get married to his girlfriend Reshma (Farah Khan) but for his marriage his father in law kept one condition for his marriage. He has to buy a house that will also accommodate his father-in-law. In search of a house, he meets his friend Pappu (Aziz Nasser), a real estate agent. However, none of Pappu’s flats are within his budget and the duo run into an real estate agency run by Sajid-Wajid (Gullu Dada and Hussain Bakhali). Sajid-Wajid assures him a flat at a cheap rate and dupes them into buying an illegal property. Complete story changes when Mama (RK), a ‘retired’ real estate enters into the picture. What problems did Munna faced with that illegal property ? Did Munna married his girl friend ? How Mama deals entire issues ? For all those answers we need to go and watch in theaters.

Performances :

Coming to the performances, Ali Reza played decent role as Munna. He impressed a lot with his dilouges and comic expressions. Asusal Aziz Naseer once again proved that he only suits in that real estate agent charecter. Both heroines did their best with thier glamorous role.
Mainly we have to mention the hardwork of RK(Mama) who is a all rounder for this movie. He played a key role as a retaired real estate agent. His comedy timing kept movie in another level in second half. Rest of them played accordingly.

Technical Aspects :

Coming to the Direction, RK himself got positive marks by choosing this kind of script. His way of delivering each and every scene will kept audience very interesting and made stick to their seats. Music given by Rajesh SS is upto mark and backgroud score by him need some more in few scenes. Scenes captured by Vasu with his Camera looks very beautiful on screen. Editing is ok and need few cuts in first half.

Verdict :

Eventhough “Hyderabad Nawab 2” movie made in Hyderabadi hindi but every one will get connected with the Comic Scenes. This movie leaves you with a good message. Go and have a hilarious laugh riot on this weekend.

Rating :3/5


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