I heard Mr. Majnu script even before my first Film – Akkineni Akhil

I heard Mr. Majnu script even before my first Film – Akkineni Akhil

Akhil’s next project Mr. Majnu, is gearing up for a January 25th release. On this occasion, Akhil interacted with media. Here is the conversation.

How did Mr.Majnu started ?
Venky narrated this script to me even before my first film. But as I was pre-occupied with two projects and asked him to not wait for me and go ahead with someone else. But he reserved this script for me and I should thank him for that. So, after finishing our individual projects, we started working now.

How will be the film Mr.Majnu ?
Mr. Majunu is an entertaining love story which has equal amounts of human emotions in it. In one word, it’s a wholesome entertainer. It will entertain all the zoners of people.

What was your role ?
I will be seen in a playboy character. For the first fifteen-twenty minutes, you will see scenes related to my character establishment. The first half of the film completely runs on my character’s energy.

How much expectations you kept on Mr.Majnu?Not only me, my entire team believed in the script and did whatever needed for it. I hope the audience will bless us with a positive feedback and it will gives big success to me.

What you say about Director Venky Atluri ?
I really thank to my director Venky he really worked hard on the script, and his narration will have a classic touch. Moreover, I’m sure that his dialogues will make a mark after the film’s release. We both became close friends during this film shoot.

What are your Next projects?
As of now, I’m fully focused on this film. There is no other thoughts. After the release, I will announce my next film. I want to do continues films with out any gap.

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