I missed a movie with Allu Arjun – Priya Prakash Varrier

Social Media Sensation Priya Prakash Varrier got nationwide popularity with her wink act in a song from Malayalam film, Oru Adaar Love Story. The film is being dubbed in Telugu as Lover’s Day. Slated to release on Feb 14th On this occasion, Priya intrected with Media in Hyderabad. Here is the interaction.

How are you handling this over night stardom and popularity?
After becoming huge popularity, Initially it was very difficult to believe and handle the popularity and attention. But eventually, I got habituated to it. I’m enjoying this phase of my life now.

Tell us about the film Lovers day ?
Lovers day is a Malayalam film which is being released in four different languages on February 14th. The film is a school-based love story and is going to be a package entertainment.The response to the song was totally unexpected. Our entire team was overwhelmed, but a few people had issues with it.

what you say about the negative trolls about you ?
Initially, it used to be a bit tough to understand it, but then I started taking things on a lighter note. Now I don’t even care about it.

With out Social media platforms you won’t get that much of popularity what you say about this ?
Social Media has both the positives and negatives. As of me, social media helped me a lot as I got this popularity through it. I haven’t had any issues with it so far. Thanks to social media, I can interact with my fans from all over the nation.

Are you getting any offers from other industries?
Yes, I have been getting offers from all the industries, including Telugu. I was even approached for Allu Arjun’s film, but couldn’t be part of it as I was shooting Oru Adaar Love that time. Now I am looking to work in Telugu industry.

How you choose the scripts?
First I listen to the story and discuss it with my dad. If I feel that my character has scope to perform, I sign the film. At the end of the day, I completely have freedom in picking up the subjects. My parents gave me full freedom to choose my subjects.

What you say about the controversy on Sridevi Bungalow movie ?
I don’t have much pressure about it because my producers and directors will look over it. Even I heard the news from others, but I haven’t got any notice from anyone. The film’s team will handle the issues. I have just portrayed the given role.

How you are feeling that Allu Arjun is coming as Chief guest to the audio event of your film ?
I’m very much excited to meet him in person and even I am eagerly waiting for the launch. I would like to thank him for coming to the event as the chief guest.

What are your Next projects?
I am listening to the stories right now and present I am working on Sridevi Bungalow’s project. Apart from it, I haven’t signed any new project.

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