Idam Jagath Movie Review

Idam Jagath Movie Review :

Cast and Crew :

Starring : Sumanth, Anju Kurian

Director : Anil Srikantam

Producer : Gangapatnam Sridhar

Music Director : Sricharan Pakala

Cinematographer : Bal Reddy

Release Date : 28th Dec 2018.

Idam Jagath is a Telugu movie starring Sumanth and Anju Kurian as main lead roles. It is a crime thriller directed by Anil Srikantam. After getting delayed a bit, it has finally hit the screens today. Let’s see about the review.


Nishit(Sumanth) is a man who suffers from sleep disorders.He becomes a reporter who has to work in Night Shifts and starts. In this process, he misuses the footage and starts earning money.
This is also the time when he falls in love with Mahati(Anju Kurian). Nishit shoots a murder case and tries to make use of it for money. Rest of the story is as to how Nishit comes out. For all those answers we need to go and watch it in theaters.

Performances :
Mainly we need to mention Sumanth gets a very interesting role which has negative shades. He has done his best a man who is hungry for money and can do anything for it.
His performance in the second half was pretty good and it is good to see him accept roles with negative shades.The interval bang and how the television channels manipulate news has been showcased well.
Arjun Reddy fame Kalyan is neat in his negative role and does well in the film with good expressions. Shafi played a crucial role in the movie. rest of the charectors did well.

Technical Aspects:
Coming to the director Anil Srikantham, he makes a pretty decent debut and proves his talent.He narrates the crime scene quite well and shows promise in his narration.
Drone shots taken in the film are good and showcase the Vizag visuals well. Production values are simple and cater to the story as the film mostly happens during the night time.
Editing is crisp and so were the dialogues.

Idam Jagat has a very interesting premise and is narrated well for the most part. Sumanth’s role with negative shades and contemporary media set up look nice.

Rating :3/5

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