Ishtanga Movie Review

Ishtanga Movie Review

Crew and cast :
Starring :Arjun mahi , Tanisha Rajan
Director : Sampath V Rudra
Producer : Venkateshwer Rao
Music Director : Yelender Mahaveer
Cinematographer : Anand Nadakatla
Release date : 28th Dec 2018.

This weekend, theaters are booked with small budget films. In the same row, Ishtanga is a movie which has hit the screens today. Let us see about the review.
Krishna(Arjun Mahi) is a playboy who always believes in living relationship. He never believes in marriage and serious relationships. On the other hand, Satya(Tanishq Rajan) is a writer who falls head over heels on Krisha. Things become even interesting when the couple gets involved physically. After this, Satya becomes even more serious and proposes marriage to Krishna. But to her shock, he rejects her and decides to leave abroad. Rest of the story is as to how Satya changes Krishna and did Krishna married Satya ? Why Krishna don’t want to marry ? For all those questions we have to go and watch in theaters.

Performances :
The entire film is focused on Arjun Mahi and he gets a meaty role. His character has been handled well and Arjun does justice in his role of a playboy who is not serious in his life as well about marriageshi Heroine Tanishq looks good and also did her emotional role well. Some of the key romantic scenes showcased well in between the all did their roles accordingly.
Technical Aspects:
Mainly we should talk about director Sampath, he has done his job very nice. His narration is neat and clarity. and even though the story is routine and age-old romance but he convinced the audience with his neat screenplay. Music by Mahavir is decent and so was his background his score. The camerawork is superb as the film is showcased in a rich light.
Ishtamga is a movie which is filled with lots of romance which has nothing going its way. There are some romantic scenes which create interest and attract youth towards the film.

Rating :3/5

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