Jessie Movie Review

Cast and crew :
Starring :Abhinav Gomatam,Atul Kulkarni,Kabir Duhan Singh,Pavani Gangireddy
Director : V Ashwani Kumar
producers : Shweta singh
Music Director : Sricharan Pakala

Small budget movies are hitting the screen every week in bunch. In the same way other small films, a horror thriller, titled Jessie, has also hit screens today. Let’s check about the review.

Story opens with a group of professional ghost hunters in search of a house located far away from the city to investigate the mystery of two missing sisters, Jessie and Amy. In the process, they notice some unexpected events involving Jessie and Amy in the house. Who are these sisters? What is their backstory? How are they related to the house? Will the ghost hunters solve the mystery behind the series of events that occurred in the house? For all those questions we have to go and watch in theaters.

Performances :
Coming to performances, we mainly mention the hardwork of Ashima Narwal. She performed well. Her acting in a few crucial scenes in the first half of the film is impressive and brings depth to the proceedings to an extent. The girl, who portrayed Amy’s role, did a decent job as a physically challenged person.It is good to see actress Archana in a key role after a long gap. She performed well in her role which comes with a major twist. Abhinav Gomatam evokes a few laughs in the first half. Rest of the ghost hunters Pavani, Abhishek and Purnima, are okay in their roles. Rest of them played well according to their roles.

Technical Aspects:
We should appreciate Director Ashwani Kumar’s idea. His dealing with a horror thriller by mixing human psychology is nice, but he succeeded only to an extent in the execution part. The narration in the second half lacks proper clarity and the ending is also not quite convincing. Had the director worked on a more coherent screenplay, things would have been much better. Editing is good, as the editor kept the film’s runtime short by not extending it with unwanted scenes.Cinematography is quite good. The film looks rich in every frame. The night scenes are captured nicely. Background score by Sricharan Pakala is impressive and adds much boost up for every scene.

On the whole, Jessie is a clean psychological horror thriller which engages the audience in every moment and every scene. The narration and character establishment in the first half are okay. Subplots and twists in the second half went well and engage with the audiences. The audience who are looking for new kind of horror thrillers they can go and watch it.

Rating :3/5

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