Kathanam Movie Review

Kathanam Movie Review

Cast and crew :
Starring : Anasuya Bharadwaj, Srinivas Avasarala, Vennela Kishore
Director : Rajesh Nadendla
Producers : B. Narendra Reddy
Music Director : Roshan Salur

Anchor Anasuya has come up with women-centric film, named, Kathanam under the direction of Rajesh Nadendla. This film hits the screen today lets see about the review.


Coming to the story, Anu(Anusya) is a AD who wants to become director. She tried so many production houses for the chance. Finally she got a chance to work in a production house which is producing by the four members.But to her shock, the characters mentioned in the script start dying in a mysterious manner. To find out the story behind these mysterious murders, Anu seeks the help of ACP Randhir(Randhir). In that process, Randhir finds some unbelievable facts about the case. What is the mystery behind the murders? How Anu related with all the murders? to know all the answers we should go and watch in theaters.


Coming to the performances, Mainly we should talk about Anasuya’s hardwork. She carries the film completely on her shoulders. She performed well in her two shaded roles in a convincingly manner. Her appearance as a modern lady in first half and traditional role in the second half is very impressive. Vennela Kishore tried his best to bring laughs to audience. Dhanraj gets a lengthy role in which he did a decent job. After a long time, actor Randhir gets a meaty role and he did an impressive job. Rest of them played well according to their roles.

Technical aspects :
Coming to the Director Rajesh Nadendla, he succeeded to an extent in writing a good screenplay with few thrilling elements. A few social dialogues which come in the second half of the film are written well and executed well on the screen.Editing by SB Uddhav and cinematography by Satish Mutyala are decent. Music by Sunil Kashyap is nice as his background score for crucial scenes in engaging. Production values for this limited budget film are good.


On the whole, Kathanam is a mysterious revenge drama story with few thrilling elements with new kind of screenplay. Mainly, Watch this movie for Anasuya’s acting.

Rating :3/5

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