Kottaga Ma Prayanam Movie Review

Cast and crew :
Starring :Priyanth, yamini bhaskar, Bhanu ,Karunya Chowdary, Jeeva
Director : Ramana mogili
Producer : Srinidhi Studios & Nischay Productions
Music Director : Karthik Kumar

Yet another film which has hit the screens today is Kottaga Ma Prayanam. Directed by Ramana, this film has hit the screens today. Let’s see about the review.

Karthik(Priyanth) is a software engineer who is very modern in his thought process. He falls in love with Keerthi(Yamini Bhaskar) and proposes live in relationship with her. As Kerthi also does not believe in the concept of marriage, she says and starts living with Karthik. As expected in any love story, problems arise between the lead pair and they get separated. Rest of the story is as to how the couple come to a safe conclusion about their relationship and end up together once for all.

Performances :
Hero Priyanth was impressive in his role and did his character to the best of his capabilities. The manner in which he showcased all expressions during comedy, emotions and romance speaks volumes of his talent.Heroine Yamini Bhaskar was also good in her role. The young actress was especially good in the climax and showcased good maturity. The actress who did the role of the heroine’s friend was also impressive in her supporting role and brought a lot of depth to the proceedings.

Technical Aspects:
The director created much drama between the lead pair and this took the film down in no time and bores the audience. Music by Karthik is decent and sounds well in the film. The camera work is neat and showcases the modern set up convincingly. Production values of this low budget film are pretty good. As said earlier,

Kottaga Ma Prayanam has an interesting concept and the narration is good. There are a few raunchy scenes which will be liked by the B and C Center audience.

Rating :3/5

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