Kurukshetram Movie Review

Kurukshetram Movie Review

Arjun, Darshan and Nikhil Goud are the main characters of the movie ‘Kurukshetram’. The film was brought to the audience this morning. Let’s go back to the review to see how well the audience appreciated the film.



About the Kurukshetram battle for the Hastinapura Throne between the Kauravas and the Pandavas in the Mahabharata ..
It’s all about the plot. However, while the film proposes Dharmaraja as king, Duryodhana (Darshan) rejects the offer. In the aftermath of events, Karna (Arjun) declares Duryodhana (Darshan) as king and becomes his close friend. But already Shakuni creates a war between the Kauravas and the Pandavas by conspiring with his hypocritical plays instead of the injustice of his clan. What were the reasons for the original Shaku to do so? How great is the friendship between Karna and Duryodhana? How did the Pandavas finally win over the Kauravas? How did Sri Krishna contribute to that victory? If you want to know more about this film.

Plus Points:

The main plus point of the film is the screening of the full 3D film against the backdrop of the Kurukshetra war in the Mahabharata. Acting King Arjun Karna as Darshan Duryodhana, Sonsood Arjuna as Abhimanyu, Nikhil Gouda as Krishna Ravichandran, as Draupadi Sneha.Everyone is very good at their roles.

Arjun, who played the role of Karna, has been a highlight for Arjun’s film, with a set-up performance in some of the key scenes, such as the scene where Abhimanyu’s death is due to befall .. Similarly Darshan, who played Duryodhana, also performed excellently. The song on Darshan in the Mayasabha is also very good. The rest of the cast have done well in their role.

Minus Points:

The main minus point for the film is the narrative. Especially when the senior NTR starred in the movie, Daana Veera Shura Karnaa remembers. The ending is also a disappointment for Telugu audiences as the same ends with Veera Soora giving sad ending for Karna.

Concentration storylines are not as original as the director Naganna put on 3D visuals. Each scene in the film is visually appealing, and all of the scenes in the old films feel. The graphic visuals were also light. In addition to this, the film is going very slow, and the audience will get a little impatient.

Technical Section:

Director Naganna 3D with huge visuals in the film .. Feel like watching old movies. The narrative as a main is disappointing. The music provided by the composer is not good. Background score .. Unable to properly elevate existing visuals. The cinematography is good. Every scene in the film is shot with a lot of visuals. No more editing. There are some stretching scenes out there. The producer produced the film rather than compromise somewhere. The construction values ​​are very good.


The epic scene, like the Mahabharata, is the epitome of old movies, with Arjun, Darshan and Nikhil Goud being the main characters in 3D directed by Nagna in 3D.
The movie may somewhat please the audience who loves it.

Rating :3/5

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