LAW Movie Review

Kamal Kamaraju, Pooja Ramachandran, Mouryani, Krishnamurthy, Manju Bhargavi, Chatrapathi sekhar starrer LAW ( Love and War )is the crime based thriller drama directed by Gangan Gopal Mulka relesed today
Vikram (Kamal Kamaraju) who has completed SI Training and waiting for job falls in love with Radha (Mouryani)she stayes in a apartment and due to few reasons serial murders will takes place in that apartment and that case will be the first case of Vikram Soon Vikram takes the charge of the investigation How will Vikram solve the murder case? what is the reason behind serial murders ? to know the answers Watch the movie on big screen

Kamal Kamaraju who is doing films right from Chatrapati has got good role finally he has shown his skills perfectly in this film as a police officer he has done decent job hope he will get good films soon Mouryani has done decent job she looks cute in the film Pooja Ramachandran role is okay she has very limited screen space yet she has done good job the person who played rudra role has done terrific job

In this segment we must appricate Producers for thier production values even though its a small film they has given thier best .cinematographer has done good job Editing can be better
Satya Kashyap music is good his background score is the asset Gagan Gopal Mulka’s narration is good expect some routine elements every thing is fine dialogues are good

On whole Law is a decent attempt with some predicatable and routine scens if you can ignore those you will like the film
Rating 3/5

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