Maharshi Movie Review

Cast and Crew :

Starring : Mahesh Babu, Pooja Hegde , Allari Naresh , Jagapati Babu , Prakash Raj

Director : Vamsi Paidipally

Producers : Dil Raju , ,PVP , C. Ashwini Dutt

Music Director : Devi Sri Prasad

Release date : 09 May 2019.

It’s a special day for superstar Mahesh Babu, and his fans, as his 25th film, Maharshi releases today. The expectations from the film are sky high and #MaharshiMania has been trending on social media. Mahesh Babu’s Maharshi is undoubtedly one of the biggest releases in recent times. The film directed by Vamsi Paidipally has hit the screens amidst massive expectations. Let’s see abou the review.


coming to the story, Rishi(Mahesh Babu)is a reputed CEO of a multinational company in the US. In his urge to become the best in the world, Rishi forgets his past and several relationships. One fine day, he comes to know that Ravi Kumar(Allari Naresh) a very close friend of his is behind all his success. During the same time, Rishi also finds out that Ravi is in deep trouble in his small village of Rangapuram. Rest of the story is as to how Rishi leaves his rich lifestyle and saves Ravi and his village from all the problems it is suffering from. How Rishi Solved Ravi’s problem ? what made Ravi to do farming ? all those questions we have to go and watch in theaters.


Mahesh Babu, One of the big assest for this film. He is seen in three different avatars and fans will just love him. Be it the college look or the CEO avatar, Mahesh plays it to the galleries and is different in each of the roles. The manner in which he transforms in the second half and showcases his mature acting is very good. Undoubtedly, Mahesh looks super handsome than ever and leads from the front.Perhaps it was the best decision of Allari Naresh’s career to accept this supporting role. The supremely talented actor proves that he is not only good at comedy but can also portray the emotional part in the best way possible. His chemistry and all the scenes with Mahesh have come out quite well and are a major asset for the film.Pooja Hegde looks glamorous and is a perfect fit in the role. She does well in the company of Mahesh and their college episodes have come out well. The first half of the film is entertaining with good comedy and sensible college scenes. Vennela Kishore in neat in his small role and so were the supporting actors.The emotional subject chosen featuring the farmers works well in the film and is the mainstay during the second half. Rajeev Kanakala, Jayasudha, Rao Ramesh are adequate in their respective roles. The relationship between Prakash Raj and Mahesh Babu has been showcased in an interesting note. Jagapathi Babu is good as the stylish villain. Kamal Kamaraju gets a good role.

Technical Aspects:
Coming to the director Vamsi Paidipally, he has done a very good job with the film. Rather than opting for sheer entertainment, he chooses an emotional subject and shows that our roots are more important than anything. His narration in the first half and how he establishes the journey of Rishi is very good. In the second half, though he makes things predictable, he adds decent emotions in the last half an hour and ends the film on an impressive note.Though DSP’s music was ordinary, his songs sound good along with the visuals. But his background score raises the film to another level altogether. Lyrics by Srimani are top notch and meaningful. The camerawork is supremely good as the college backdrop, US set up and village atmosphere has its own charm and looks good on screen.Editing is not that impressive as the film can be edited for about ten minutes easily. Special mention to all the stylists of Mahesh as the star hero has been styled in a superb manner. The production design of the film is amazing as the makers have not compromised on the production values at all.


On the whole,Who better than Mahesh Babu to portray all this which has been narrated in an emotional manner by Vamsi Paidipally. Top-notch performances, decent humor, relatable social message, and Mahesh’s screen presence are main assets. If you ignore the slow pace and slightly predictable second half, this film has all the elements what ever the public is expecting from such a big project.

Rating :3.5/5

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