Manu Movie Review 

Manu Movie Review 


Cast and Crew :

Starring : Raja Goutham, Chandini Chowdary

Director : Phanindra Narsetti

Producer : The Crowdfunded

Music Director : Naresh Kumaran

Cinematographer : Vishwanath Reddy

Release date : September 7, 2018

Manu, a crowdfunded Movie is finally out in theaters. this is the one film which has created a decent buzz for itself with its intriguing trailers for the past few weeks. After a good round of promotions, the film finally hit the screens today.lets see about Manu Movie in Detail.

Story :

Manu is about two lovers whose relationship goes for a toss because of a criminal trio.The film starts off in a bar where Nila(Chandni Chowdary) tries to woo Manu(Gautam) who is a fabulous painter. But with a small misunderstanding, the couple gets into a fight and Nila leaves the bar. On the other hand, Manu saves an old man from the clutches of three gangsters in the same bar. As time passes by, Manu comes to know that the goons are after Nila now. Who are these goons? What are they up to? and what connection do they have with Nila? To know all other answers please go and watch in Theaters.

Performances :

Raja Goutham outdid himself in the character of Manu. he has vastly improved from his previous films a brooding personality and wrapped up in loneliness, Goutham delivered one of his best performances. Chandni Chowdary looks beautiful in her crucial role. She had a very good screen presence and does quite well in all the emotional scenes. Abhiram Verma is a good find and comes up with a noteworthy performance. The love story showcased between the lead pair is a bit interesting.

Technical Aspects:

Director Phanidra has made some very good short films but that is not the case with Manu. He has taken a simple story and set it in his own world which is different from others.  Camera work by Vishwanath Reddy needs to be credited as the film has a different color palette and looks quite cool. Production design by Shiva Kumar need a special mention as the setup showcased. Editing is pathetic as at least half an hour needs to be toned down right away. Dialogues are superb and give an edge to the film.


Manu is a hotchpotch of different ingredients that fall very short of expectations. it feels good to understand the character’s mindset but overdoing it, actually leaves a bitter taste to it. 

Rating : 3/5

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