Marshal Movie Review

Marshal Movie Review

Cast and crew :

Starring : Meka Srikanth,Megha Chowdhary,Suman,Abhay etc.
Director : Jai Rajasingh
Producers : Abhay Adaka
Music Director : Yadagiri Varikuppala

After releasing of trailer Marshal movie got huge buzz in audience. This is a film which has been promoted quite well in the past few days. This medical suspense thriller has hit the screens today and let’s see about the review.

Story :

After his father’s death Shivaji(Srikanth) become top hero in industry and other side Abhi(Abhay) who is working as sales manger is a big fan of him. As time passes Abhi comes to know that Sivaji is not what everyone thinks about him and has a bad side to him. He decides to reveal Sivaji’s other side charecter to the world. In this process he took help from Megha(Meghana Chowdary) who is a journalist. What is the dark side of Shivaji? How Abhi come to know about Shivaji’s dark side ? How he faced all the challanges ? Is the rest of the story.

Performances :

Srikanth is top-notch in his role and gives best modulation in different shades. He brings a lot of depth to the film. The scenes between Srikanth and Abhay have been designed well and the actors do their best in these scenes. Hero Abhay does an impressive job in his role. He managed to confront a settled actor like Srikanth well in many scenes. Heroine Megha Chowdary looks glamorous and also acted well in her role. Senior actor Ram got best role to play as Abhi’s father. Babloo Prudviraj who played as Srikanth’s friend charecter, did his job in a decent manner.

Technical Aspects :

Coming to the director Jairaj Singh, he has chosen an interesting concept which runs around the medical science. He succeed in creating curiosity through out the film. Music by Yadagiri is decent. Re-recording by KGF fame Ravi Basuri is pretty good with his BGM. Editing is okay as at least five minutes in the first half could have been chopped off. Camera work by Swamy was nice and he showed each and every frame in a rich look. Even though the film is made in a limited budget, the production values look rich.
Verdict :

On the whole, Marshal is a medical thriller movie with great performances from Srikanth.

Rating :3.25/5

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