Mouname Istam Movie Review

Cast and Crew :
Starring : Ram Karthik , Parvati Arun, Nassar
Director : Ashok Koralath
Producer : Asha Ashok
Music Director : Vivek Mahadev
Cinematographer : JD thulasi Mouname Istam is a Telugu movie released on 15 Mar, 2019. The movie is directed by Ashok Koralath and featured Ram Karthik, Parvathy, Nassar and Abhay Bethiganti as lead characters.
Let’s see about the review. Story :
After completed his studies Ram Karthik came to Hyderabad for employment. He Accidentally went to a function and saw to a girl and he impressed with things she does. So he begins to know about her. After few incidents She also lovers him. Both Parvati and Ram feel in love with each others. they want to propose to each other. But for few reasons they won’t propose each others. There is a strong reason for both. What’s the reason reason is the main story.

Performances :
Hero Ram Karthik has done very well. The role he played with maturity performance impresses the audience. He got good marks with his emotional acting in few scenes. Heroine Parvati is good looking and appreciated with her nice acting. Rest of the Charectors played well up to their roles. Nazer played a key role. His performance adds more boost up to the film. Abhay Charector will make you fun all the scenes. Rest of them played according to their roles. Technical aspects :
Coming to the director, Ashok adding all his experience he came up with nice story and screenplay. The way he narrated the story will impress the audience. Story by Suresh has did fantastic job with his writing. Cinematographer JD thulasi did magic with his camera. Every frame looks very rich. Production values by Asha Ashok was nice. Songs and background music of Vivek Mahadev’s are brilliant. He was second plus point to the film. Verdict :
On the whole, Mounamae istam is youth full Entertainer which impress all zoners of the audience. Nazer’s acting will be highlight of the film. Have a look once on this movie.

Rating :3/5

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