Next Enti Movie Review

Cast and Crew :
Starring : Sundeep Kishan, Tamannaah, Navdeep, Larissa Bonesi, Poonam Kaur
Director : Kunal Kohli
Producer : Gouri Krishna
Music Director : Leon James
Cinematographer : Maneesh Chandra Bhatt
Editor : Anil Kumar Bonthu
Release date : December 07, 2018

Tollywood is addressing bold films now. In the same zoner another film came up on the screen. Hindi director, Kunal Kohli is making his Tollywood debut with the rom-com Next Yenti. Starring Tamannah, Sundeep Kishan and Navdeep, this film has hit the screens today. Let’s see about the review.

Story :
Coming to story Tollywood’s Milk Beauty Tammy(Tamannah) is a modern girl who breaks up with her boyfriend for few reasons as he does not believe in true love. This is the time, she meets Sanju(Sundeep Kishan) and connects with him instantly. They start living together but Tammy is against a physical relationship with Sanju. This upsets Sanju and he breaks up with Tammy. During this time, Sanju meets another girl and Tammy starts liking Krish(Navdeep). Rest of the story is as to how Tammy and Sanju realize their love for each other and finally get back together. Will Tammy marry Sanju ? What’s the role of Sharath Kumar ? What about Navdeep ? For all those answers we have to go and watch in theaters.

Performances :
The main back bone of this film is Tamannah. She looks ultra gamorous and is superb in the role of Tammy. She does wonderfully well as the girl who is looking for true love and is one of the biggest highlights of the film.
Sundeep Kishan looks quite sharp in this film and is very good as the modern boy. His performance in this film is quite settled when compared to all his previous movies. Navdeep is good as the mature guy and it is nice to see him choosing different roles these days.It was very good to see Sarath Babu in a crucial role after a very long time. He plays Tamannah’s dad and his track has been showcased supremely of the Charectors did well at their roles.
Technical Aspects:
Mainly we need to talk about the director of this film Kunal Kohli, he chooses a contemporary concept and handles the first half well. But his narration lacks the punch in the second half as the proceedings become dull and take their time to unleash. If he would have made the second half brisk and narrated things with more clarity, the output would have been even better.Camera work by Manish Chandra is top notch as the film looks uber cool and quite lively. Production values of the film are top notch.
Next Yenti is a contemporary love story which clicks in the initial stages but goes down thereon it’s a Hindi film with Telugu nativity where Telugu people can’t much connect to this film and lengthy second half may feel bore to audience.

Rating :1/5

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