NGK Movie Review

Starring :Suriya Sivakumar, Sai Pallavi, Rakul Preet Singh, Jagapati Babu
Director :   Selvaraghavan
Producers : S R Prabhu, Prakashbabu S R
Music Director :  Yuvan Shankar Raja

Nandha Gopalan Kumaran (NGK), a charismatic young man, embarks on a political journey that brings about an unprecedented socio-political revolution. Directed by ace filmmaker K. Selvaraghavan, NGK stars Suriya Sivakumar in the titular role. Right from the time, Suriya’s NGK was announced, it did not create a good buzz in the Telugu states. Lets see about the review.

Coming to story , Nanda Gopal Kumar (Surya), a well educated person puts his country first and cannot tolerate any injustice and malpractices. He quits his white collared job and inspires many to do organic farming. However few developments in his personal and professional life, finds him in the murky politics. To findout the journey of NGK in politics and how it affects his family life with his wife Geeta (Sai Pallavi) and parents, what is the connection with Vanita (Rakul Preet Singh), you have to go and watch in theaters.

Performances :
NGK is all made for Surya, once again attracted with his performance. He came with the right kind of expressions and emotions and attracted with his screen presence. However his character is designed in such a way that even he couldn’t power it to the next level. Sai Pallavi in couple of scenes came with cute and lovely expressions but she didnot get much scope to peform and in many scenes she irritated with her over action. Rakul Preet Singh just passed through the motions. Others like Devaraj, Ponannan and Vela Ramamoorthy performed according to their roles.

Technical Aspects:
Coming to the director Selva Raghavan, has lost it completely grip on this movie. He lacks clarity and focus and direction. Even after having an actor like Suriya, he failed to generate any drama with the proceedings. There is no seriousness in the script as scenes wander here and there making it a tedious watch for the audience.Production values of the film are below par as the movie is filled with heavy Tamil flavor. Music by Yuvan Shankar Raja is very bad but his BGM was good. Dialogues were just about okay and so was the Telugu dubbing. Production design was not good and so were the lyrics.

On the whole, The routine dialogues, story, listless screenplay and direction turned out to be the bane of NGK. Lack of real twists and turns along with cheap scenes in the name of comedy tested the patience of the movie lovers.

Rating :3/5

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