Nivaasi Movie Review

Cast and crew : Shekhar Verma, Vivia Sant, Jaya Prakash, Sudarshan
Directed by: Satish Regalla
Producers: KN Rao.
Music: Charan Arjun.

The young Hero Shekhar Verma, who is also known with his last film ‘Sriramudinta … Srikrishnaudanta’, has now come out with the movie ‘Nivaasi’. Directed by Satish Regalla and heroine Vivia Sant. The film has recently released with huge competition. And let’s see how much the film has impressed the audience.

Story: Suryanarayana Verma (Jaya Prakash), a settler in America, is a billionaire. However, he raises his son Vivan Aditya (Shekhar Verma) without any hurdles. He wants to introduce the world to his son. What is the real world..? Emotions between people .. What is the life without money…?Under certain conditions to know ….. he sent his son to travel to some parts of India. What incidents did the hero go to…? Did he change in the way his father hoped…? Did he find his roots…?Which kind of a troubles Adithya faced through out his journey is the the main story.To know the details of the movie you must watch the complete movie on silver screen.

Analysis : To know the real facts of the life circle hero Shekhar Verma performance looks very natural settled performance and comedian sudarshan acted very well with his character, also travels with equal hero role through out the movie.The emotional scenes between hero and heroine love scenes are good.Audience will connect with some emotional scenes.Charan Arjun music is the best part of this village atmosphere movie with beautiful locations .

For a pleasant movie lovers “Nivaasi” is the best option to entertain this weekend.

Rating :3/5


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