Prabhas interview about Saaho

Prabhas interview about “Saaho”

Q :Are you nerverse about “Saaho” release ?

Prabhas :In starting days i was little bit worried about it but later on it changes when i started work with Sujeeth. For Saaho, things are even bigger this time and I am dying to know the outcome of the film. I hope this movie will entertain every one.

Q :How did this project started …?

Prabhas : After complition of Baahubali, I want to take break from action stories and looking for love story script. But Sujeeth came with this movie which is completely based on screenplay. I loved it and asked him to come with a proper script. After that he came up with full bounded script then we started.

Q :How about the budget it crossed more than 300 crores…?

Prabhas : Inistially, we wanted to complete this film in 150 crores only but seeing Baahubali 2’s result we kept on increasing the budget and scale of the film.Producers main aim was to make big film in terms of action in that progress budget kept on improving and we have spent more than 300 crores till now for the best output.

Q :How confidence you are about Sujeeth..?

Prabhas : when he narrated me the script along with screenplay I loved the confidence in him. He is crystal clear and never got confused in any part of the filming.He managed all the senior technicians so well and has made the film with a stylish screenplay which will be loved by all set of audience.

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