Prema Janta Movie Review

Prema Janta Movie Review

Continuing the small budget films trend yet another movie called ” Prema janta ” came to screens today. Ram pranith and Samaya are the main lead of this film.Nikhiles is making his debut as a Director. Lets see about the review.

Overall review :

Chandu (Ram Praneeth) and Nandu (Samaya) both fall in love in teenage. But they decided to not marry until they become major. Mean while opposition started from both the houses. Then they jump from home and went to hyderabad. At this time they marry each other forcebly. That issue went to court. There after what happens is the story.

The scenes between hero and heroine show cased well. Comedy between friends are worked Out Well. The scene between the hero and the heroine at auto was the highlight of the film. Dialogues about love are good and heart touching. The scene where the heroine asks for the phone number shown very well. The scene where the hero tells love you to heroine on the phone is nice. The melody song that comes after proposing the heroine was picturized very well. Ram Praneeth and Sumaya are two new comers performed very naturally. The chemistry between both work out well. Director Nikhilesh got applaud by choosing social oriented movie. He well documented the lives of many lovers. The twist that heroine’s father gives at the end is so Nice. Production values ​​are good too.

This is a love story film which is made very naturally. Especially this film will connects to the youth very well. Go and watch the movie that energizes you.

Rating :3/5

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