Rajugadu Movie Review

Cast and Crew:

Cast: Raj Tarun, Amyra Dastur, Rajendra Prasad

Director: Sanjana Reddy

Producers: Sunkara Ramabrahmam, Anil Sunkara

Music Director: Gopi Sunder

Cinematographer: B. Rajasekar

Editors: M. R. Varma, Lakshman Reddy


Raj Tharun who is right now testing his luck at the box office is back with an interesting comedy film Rajugadu. Amidst huge expectations it finally hit the screens. Let’s see whether will impress the audience.


Raju (Raj Tharun) is a kleptomaniac (a person who steals things unintentionally) who struggles to keep his medical condition in check and one day he meets Thanvi(Amyra Dastur) and falls in love with her. Even Tanvi accepts his love but with a condition that Raju has to impress her grandfather(Nagineedu) if he wants to marry her. From then he is on a mission to impress him. The rest of the story is as to how Raju sets things right and comes over his weakness at the end.


Raj Tharun is apt for this role and he comes up with an impressive performance and his acting doubled skills. Amyra Dastur looks decent and comes up with an okay performance. Prudhvi offers an interesting role as a doctor and he runs after complex medical conditions offer some much-needed entertainment. The performances of Nagineedu and Rao Ramesh steals the show. The first half is good and the forceful comedy that comes during the climax slows down the movie completely. The director put some unnecessary comedy scenes in the climax and the pre-climax part looks a bit immature as illogical scenes.

Technical aspects:

The camera department is good and the atmosphere is fantastic. A montage song that comes in the second half looks really rich. The non-sync BGM is an example of the same. Sanjana Reddy complicated a simple story by bringing in a terrorist episode. She should have stuck true to the storyline instead of messing up things with complex subplots.


On the whole, Raju Gadu has some fun moments but with a messy story line.

Rating :2.25/5

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