Ramcharan Tej Interview about VVR

What was your reaction when you heard the title Vinaya Vidheya Rama ?

After Jaya Janaki Nayaka, i thought to keep any of my film title like that.Vinaya Vidheya Rama will also be in that league and will sound perfect for the festival atmosphere and timing.
It’s an apt title and I was very happy after listening VVR title.

Did you faced any difficulty while switch from Chitti Babu to a full commercial entertainer?

After 15 days of Rangasthalam’s shoot, we began this film. Personally,I would have loved some more time so that I could have got more time to prepare for my role and body. But as Boyapati had a lot of conviction,
things fell into place automatically.

Don’t you think there is too much violence in VVR ?

There is a lot of actions but that is how all Boyapati films are and the audience will not like if there is not much action.You are only looking at the action part but there is a beautiful family drama in the film.VVR is his mark film and there will be full on action which will please many.

What you say about the High expectations post Rangasthalam?

Ya, i to agree that There are high expectations post the success of Rnagastahalam but one needs to balance everything and go forward. Films like Rangasthalam do not happen quite often and if I keep expecting films like that.

What made you to change lot after the success of Dhruva?

It is only that situations around me are created in such a way that made me act violent or arrogant. But all that is not true and I have been the same for years now.
I want the industry to be a happy place and that is the reason, I even avoid to keep collections on the movie Posters so that there are no fights among fans.

What are the reasons for delay in shoot of Sye Raa?

There is nothing like that as we know that Sye Raa is a mammoth film and there is nothing which will go as planned because of the sheer scale. We had a few shares of problems but the shoot is on track now.shoot was going on as big scale and present we are doing song shoot.

what will you tell about your role in RRR?

When i heard the script of RRR, I was totally silence at that moment and i was very surprise thst how Rajmouli will get this kind of thoughts. Rajamouli has once again etched a de-glamorized role which will be really close to the audience. I am very excited about the film and the complete 2019 will be dedicated to this film.

How was your working Experience with NTR in RRR?

Every one Knows that, we both having good bonding. NTR is a very close friend from a very long time now. As the social media is more now, there is more picture of us all over.
But the shoot happened with our combination scenes and the film has come out superbly.

Will you produce any small films in your banner ?
In my View this banner has been only set up to produce films with dad.
I will only make films with him and make sure that he gets the best for his film as it is being made with a budget of over 200 crores and this will be coimng to screen soon.

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