Ranarangam Movie Review

Ranarangam Movie Review

Cast and crew :
Starring : Sharwanand, kalyani Priyadarshani, Kajal, Murali Sharma.
Director : Sudheer Varma
Music : Prasanth pillai
Producer : Suryadevara Naga Vamsi

Sharwa is back as a gangstar with the movie Ranarangam which runs around crime drama. Kalyani Priyadharsani and Kajal are playing female leads under Sudheer Varma direction. This flick hits the screen today so Let’s see about the review.

Story :

Coming to the story, Deva (Sharwanand) is a black ticket selling guy who lives in slums along with his four friends. While all this is happening, Deva also falls in love with Geetha (Kalyani Priyadarshani).
In mean while he got an idea to earn money in liquor business. He stars bootlegging liquor during the prohibition era. In doing so, he got anti force from a local MLA Simhachalam (Murali Sharma). How Deva becomes a big gangster ? Why he shifted to foreign ? What is the role of Kajal ? Is the rest of the story.

Performances :

Coming to the performances, without any doubt Ranarangam is a complete one man army show of Sharwanand. He puts all the effort as he has done in his previous films. He carried the entire film in his shoulder as a gangster. The variations shown by him in past life and present life was never seen before in his films. There are two heroines in the movie, Kalyani Priyadarshani and Kajal. Comparing to te both Kalyani steals the show with her decent performance. When it comes to Kajal, we are shocked that how and why she has accepted this role where there is nothing to perform on the screen and It offers nothing to her acting-wise. Murali Sharma plays the main villain. It is a welcome change for him to do a negative role. Sudarshan gets a regular comedy part. In fact he brings laughs on the faces with his comedy timing and his part is some more different where comparing to his previous movies. Rest of them played well accordingly.

Technical aspects :

Coming to the director Sudheer Varma, this time he came up with regular gangster movie with new kind of screenplay. He handled the two variations i.e past and present stories in a neat way. Mainly, his dialogues cracked the show. Only one thing is that why he choosen Kajal Aggarwal for minor role. He utilized all the actors in a perfect manner. We appreciate director Sudheer Varma for making the movie with world class standards.The music by Prasanth Pillai is upto the mark. Mainly, we should appreciate for his background score. He did excellent job in terms of BGM. The cinematography by Divakar Mani is excellent. The editing part is decent. Art work played a crucial part. Production values are awesome where major scenes are shooted in foreign locations.

Verdict :

Overall, Ranarangam is a stylishly shot gangster movie. Sharvanand delivered career best outstanding performance. Every one will admire Sharva for selecting this kind of roles. His body language terrific in both the characters he portrayed.

Rating : 3.25/5

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