Rangu Paduddi Movie Review

Cast and crew :
Starring : Ali, Raghu Babu, Dhanraj, Suman Shetty, Aparao.
Director : shyam prasad.
Producer : Mahesh Ratni.

Rangupadudi is a movie which runs in between Six people and One haunted bungalow. A long night of terrors. Will they succeed or succumb? Directed by Shyam Prasad, Rangupaduddi is a horror comedy featuring an ensemble cast. Let’s see about the review.

Story :
Coming to story, Dhanraj, Suman Shetty, Heena, Ali, Shaking Sheesh, Zabardathat Apparau are Friends. All of them are continuing in a different careers but they are not satisfied with that. They always thinks that a magic will happen and set their life whatever they want. At the same time, Raghubabu is doing research on black hole time travel. All are decided to go in past and all come to Rajamahal. What happens is the next.

Overall about the Movie :
In the banner of Manisha Bose, Rangupadudi is a familiar word used in Ghatochgajudu. After entering both the groups in same house then the comedy will starts. The comedy work out well through out the movie. Interval twist is good. In the movie Yamailli, the song of Chinuku chinuku is now again composed between Apparau and Heroine is nice. The film is full of horror comedy.The heroine did her best with her glamour role. Ali, Raghubabu, Dhanraj, Zabardathat Apparau, Suman Shetty and Shaking Shesh have done well with their comedy timings.

Verdict :
Rangupadudi is cool comedy summer movie which will entertain all zoners of the movie audience specially Classics, Mass, Family Audience and Small Kids.

Rating :3/5

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