Sakalakala Vallabhudu Movie Review

Cast and Crew :
Starring :Chinna, Suman, Prudhviraj, Jeeva
Director : Shiva Ganesh
Music Director : Ajay

This week theaters are blocked for small budget movies. In the row another film which has hit the screens today is Sakalakala Vallabhudu. Starring Tanishq Reddy, let’s now see about the review.

Tanishq is a guy who is leading his life full happily and he falls in love with Chaitra(Meghla Mukta). Chaitra does not get impressed by the manner in which he teases her and she keeps him away. The moment she starts developing a feeling for him, Chaitra gets kidnapped all of a sudden. Who is this Chaitra? Why is she kidnapped? What is her back story? For all those questions we need to go and watch in theaters.

Chinna is a person with a good comedy timing and is used well in the first half to generate comedy in a few scenes. Hero Tanishq Reddy is just about okay and needs to improve on his expressions.Heroine Meghla was decent but she did not have much to do in the film apart from sobbing in the second half. The interval bang and how the heroine is kidnapped has been showcased on an interesting note.

Technical Aspects:
Mainly we have to speak about director Siva Ganesh, he has done a pathetic job with the film. He makes the proceedings silly in the form of generating some fun. There is absolutely no chemistry in the lead pair as the romantic track is weak and this is where the film goes down at once.Production values of the film are decent enough as the village visuals are showcased in a good manner. Music by Ajay Patnaik is decent enough and so was his background score.

On the whole, Sakalakala Vallabhudu is a romantic entertainer which is having all the elements in it. Go and watch it in nearest theaters.

Rating :3/5

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