Sarvam Thaala Mayam Movie Review

Cast and crew :
Starring : G. V. Prakash Kumar, Aparna Balamurali, Nedumudi Venu, Jude Law, Vineeth
Directors : Rajiv Menon
Producers : Latha Menon
Music Director : A. R. Rahman
Cinematographer : Ravi Yadav
Release Date : 8th Mar 2018.

Tamil Director cum cinematographer, Ravi Menon is back after a long gap with his new film Sarvam Thaala Mayam. The film which has GV Prakash as the main lead has hit the screens today. Let’s see about the review.

Peter(GV Prakash) is a guy who always wasting his time. He belongs to a backward class who makes the classical instrument Mridangam. After wasting his life in fan wars, Peter somehow develops an interest in learning Karnatic music. He tries hard to join the school owned the prestigious Karnatic guru(Nedumudi Venu) but he does not get a seat. He follows his instinct and somehow gets a place in his camp. He trains hard to shine but because of a fight involving his batchmate, Peter gets thrown out of the school by his guru. Rest of the story is as to how Peter solves his problem ? Did he again joined in school ? Did his guru realise about Peter ? For all those answers we have to go and watch in theaters.

Performances :
Main lead, G V Prakash has turned out to be a fine actor these days. He plays the young musician’s role perfectly and is superb with his body language and emotions. Legendary actor, Nedumudi Venu is superb as the Karnatic music guru and holds the fort most of the time. All his scenes with GV Prakash has come out quite well.
It was very good to see yesteryear actor Vineeth in a very good negative role. He as the jealousy-filled teacher of GV has done a superb job in the film. The set up of the film is quite realistic as the music and background score by A R Rahman is very good. The film has a decent first half and the last half an hour is interesting. Star Tamil actor, Divya Darshini is also apt as the cunning TV host. Rest of the Charectors played their best.

Technical Aspects :
Mainly we appreciate the director Rajiv Menon, he came up with cult classical movie. He has narrated the film in his own style and adds a lot of drama to the proceedings. He takes you in his own world of Karnatic music, how the gurus are exploited and how things are changing in today’s music world. Major credit should go to A R Rahman as he lights up the mood with this classical touch to the music score. All the songs have been composed well and the last climax episode where the Mridangam playing contest is shown is impressive. Production values are top notch and the dubbing done is also superb. Dialogues are neat and we all should appreciate the came work done by Ravi. He did some magic with his camera where every scene looks so cool.

Verdict :
On the whole, Sarvam Thaala Mayam is a film for all set of audience. Mainly for classic movie lovers it’s will be like their own movie. So go and watch this movie on this weekend.

Rating :3/5

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