Shivaranjani Movie Review

Shivaranjani Movie Review

Cast and crew :
Starring : Nandu, Rashmi Goutham, Akhil Karthik
Director : Naga Prabhakar
Producer : Padmanabha Reddy and Nalla Ayyanna Naidu

Shivaranjani is a romantic horror movie directed by Naaga Prabhakkar and produced by A Padmanabha Reddy and Nalla Ayyanna Naidu. The movie cast includes Rashmi Gautam, Nandu, Dhanraj and Delhi Rajeshwari are played the main lead roles. Shekar Chandra scored music.

Story :
Coming to the story, after forgeting of all the Mysteries in life Madhu started her new life with Nandu but suddenly Akhil karthik Enters into her life as her husband. Akhil Karthik tells her past stories and took her to his home. Who is Akhil Karthik ? What his relation with Madhu? What is the role of Nandini Rai ? for all those questions we need to go and watch in theaters.

Performances :
When coming to the performances, we should mainly mention the hard work of Rashmi Goutham. She did fanstatic job as Madhu. Not only with her acting she impressed with her glamour once again. Secondly, Akhil Karthik’s work he played a decent role. He convienced the audience with his kind of acting. Nandu also did well accoring to his role as Madhus lover. Rest of them played according to their roles.

Technical aspects :
Coming to the Direction, Naga Prabhakar selected a new kind of story in horror zoner. He got succesed in delivering what he wants to tell on the screen. with out any lag he told the story in a neat way. Shekar Chandra’s Music is nice mainy we should appriciate for his bgm because of horror kind of movies bgm plays key role in elivating the scene. Production values are ok.

Verdict :
Shivaranjani is a new kind Horror movie which every one should watch atleast for sinlge time.

Rating :3/5

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