Subhalekha+lu Movie Review

Cast and Crew :
Starring : Sreenivasa Sayee, Priya Vadlamani, Diksha Sharma
Director : Sharrath Narwade
Producers : Vidhya Sagar, PR Janardhan
Music Director : KM Radha Krishnan
Cinematographer : S Murali Mohan Reddy
Release date : December 07, 2018

Eventhough there is a tuff competition between Movies, small budget movies making a mark from their side. This week another small budget movie Subalalekalu hit the screen today. Let’s See About the Review.

Story :
New talanted young guy Chandu(Sai Srinivas) is a creative person who always thinks some thing to prove him self. hated by his family. He comes home to his village to attend his step sister’s wedding. During this time, he also falls in love with his maradalu Sirisha(Priya). On the other hand, Chandu’s step sister is in love with someone else and decides to elope with him. This tense secret of hers is leaked to Chando somehow. Rest of the story is as to how Chando solves this problem.

Performance :
Hero Sai Srinivas is a good find and does extremely well in his role. He had a complex role and the young actor did his best by showcasing superb emotions. Sai’s performance during several insulting scenes featuring his family was top notch. Deeksha Sharma was also good in her role and ably supported the film. The other heroine, Priya also did a fine job in the emotional department. The actor who played the role of hero’s brother was top notch.

Technical Aspects :
Coming to the director Sarath, his point is good but the way he narrated the proceedings on a dull and predictable note slows down the film and spoils the proceedings. Camerawork by Murali Mohan is decent and shows the film in a neat setup. Editing is below par as many scenes in family drama and love track could have been edited out. Production values are just about okay. 

Verdict :
Subhalekhalu is a disappointing entertainer which fails in its narration. Even though the concept is good, the film does not have engaging moments and moreover, a dull set up brings the film down in no time. 

Rating :2/5

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