Theatres Mafia Real or Fake …?

Theatres Mafia Real or Fake …? Here is the complete story ….

In a recent pre-release function of PETTA, producer Vallabhaneni Vamsi made few serious statements about big heads in film industry. According to him, maximum number of theaters was blocked by the 4 production houses only.
He said, “Should only Dil Raju, Allu Aravind films play in theaters? I am a big fan of Rajni and it is my luck that I am able to release his film as a producer in Telugu! These people have blocked distributors from giving us theatres, people and movie will answer!”.This statement has went viral and creating serious buzz among the film circles. Let’s see about the issue. Is really those production houses are blocking theaters ? Is there any such movie mafia is going on film industry ? Let’s see.

Theaters allotment will be done according to public demands. If any movie is going to release, firstly distributers have to come forward and buy the movie. If big movies like Rangasthalam, Bharath Ane Nenu and Aravind sametha openings of those film will be in high and the demand from the public also in highest level. So for that distributers will block maximum number of theaters to get good returns.
Coming to the upcoming films,Demand from the public on the films are in high level In the Telugu States, ‘Vinaya Vidheya Rama’ will occupy maximum number of screens from January 11. ‘NTR – Kathanayakudu’ and ‘F2’ would have almost equal number of screens from then onwards. ‘Petta’ entered into Pongal race after majority of theatres were allotted to these three straight Telugu Films. Here we have to accept that we always first give priority to our telugu films then only will go for second option i.e other language movie.
Even in other Telugu movies NTR and F2, only VVR got maximum number of theaters. This is only because of Ram Charan’s craze.Exhibitors are also thinking that rural areas would prefer a complete action extravaganza than a serious film like NTR and family film like F2.  Coming to Rajinikanth’s craze, his recent movies did not showed any positive results on box office then who any distributers will come forward and showed their interest to buy the movie.
Mainly we should mention that all the three Telugu movies ‘NTR Kathanayakudu’, ‘F2’ and ‘Vinaya Vidheya Rama’ had announced their release dates three months ago, ‘Petta’ had confirmed its date 15 days ago only. When they announced the release date of a particular movie, the distributers will automatically block the theaters for their movie release. PETTA movie release date has been confirmed after the blocking of theaters for those three movies then how Vallabhaneni Vamsi will get more theaters for the release. So in my point of view, the statement which is given by the producer Vamsi is totally trash. Finally one thing, even Vamsi has no need to worry if PETTA will become big hit movie then automatically distributers will look for the movie and they only come forward and increase theaters in second week.

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