“Yash has become bigger than SRK”

Yash strong reply to the statement – ” Yash has become bigger than SRK “….
After big success of KGF, kanada super star Yash interacted with media and made interesting comments on his trolls. Yash fans and SRK fans exchange words on the social media and abuses too. Media who want to sensationalise it, made it look like Yash has become bigger than SRK.
Well, Yash relied to them saying, “No actor is bigger or small here. We can be anybody, but a Friday can decide the fate of a film. No matter who we are, we can deliver a hit or a flop.
I respect SRK as King Khan and his stature is far superior to me. I won’t get into the comparisons as I know what I am and this is just a reaction from fans.  I wanted both to do well and If his movie had done well, nobody might have talked about us like this, may be,” said the Kanada super Star Yash.

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