Yatra Movie Review

Cast and Crew :
Starring :Mammootty,Jagapati Babu, Suhasini
Director : Mahi V. Raghav
Producers : Vijay Chilla, Shashi Devireddy
Music Director : K Krishna Kumar

After Mahanati and Kathanayakudu yet another bio pic Yatra came on cards. This is one film which is being awaited eagerly as it is the biopic of late Rajasekhar Reddy. Mammootty plays YSR in this film which has hit the screens today. Let’s see about the review.
Story :
Coming to the story, story is revealed around the Padayatra concepts which brings YSR on power. How he went on a Padayatra before the historical 2004 elections. The film showcases what problems did YSR face in his journey and how he won the elections. What made him to oppose high command ? How YSR moved closer to all poor people ? What made him to do Padayatra ? For all those questions we have to go and watch it in theaters.

Performances :
Yatra team got big success in the beginning only by choosing Mammootty as YSR. The national award winning actor has given one of his best performances and elevates YSR in a emotional manner. Be it his dubbing, body language or the manner in which he showcases the pain throughout the film is superb and is the main stay of Yatra. No one other than Mammootty could have played this role better.What Impresses you even more in Yatra is the emotional thread which is maintained throughout the film. Rao Ramesh as KVP is superb and ably supports Mammootty in the film.Jagapathi Babu is neat as Raja Reddy and so was Sachin Khedekar as the senior congressman. The small tiff’s between YSR and the congress leaders have been showcased in an gripping manner. The actress who played YSR’s wife is top notch.Dialogues need a special mention as the film is filled with meaningful monologues reflecting the pain which the comman man faces in his daily life.
Technical Aspects :
when we are talking about the Yatra Movie we about appreciate Director Mahi V Raghav, he has given his life and made the film in a superb manner. Mahi catches on to the emotional aspect of YSR’s political journey and the rest of the scenes follow just like water. The manner in which he uses Mamootty’s charisma and showcases him in a magnanimous way makes the film click big time. After a point you forget it is a political film and what hits you are the moving emotions.After watching the film you clearly understand that a lot of research has been done for the film as real life incidents have been brought to life in a beautiful manner. Production values by Vijay Chilla are top notch as the film looks real and is rooted. This set up has been elevated by superb camera work which justifies and shows the Padayatra in a magnanimous manner.As said earlier, dialogues elevate the film to another level altogether. Music by K is decent but his background score is terrific as every scene in the film is given a soul through his music. Second highlight of the film will be BGM only.
Verdict :
This is a film which connects every common man. This will be the emotional tribute to YSR and showcases his historical Yatra in a moving and realistic manner. The film is not a regular political potboiler and will surely draw mixed reactions from various sections of the audience. This Yatra movie will attract not only YSR fans but also the common man. So go and watch it.

Rating :3/5

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