Ye Mantram Vesyave Movie Review


After five years of completion, Vijay Devarakonda’s Ye Mantram Veysave has finally hit the screens and let’s see whether the movie has impressed the audience or not.


When coming to the story, Nikki (Vijay Devarakonda) is a huge fan of games and doesn’t care about his life. He has girls weakness and spends a lot of money just to hangout with them. One day, he meets a girl Rags, (Shivani) and starts flirting with her. She challenges him to find her and left clues like in a video game. Nikki accepts the challenge and starts in search of her. The rest of the story forms, how Nikki meets Rags and what happens in the climax?
Plus points:

Vijay Devarakonda carried the whole film on his shoulder with his acting. Though it shot five years ago, before Arjun Reddy, we can see his mature acting and he quite impressed the audience. Shivani is another biggest asset to the film. She did justice to her role. The concept of finding the heroine in video game format is quite interesting and first of its kind introduction to the story. When compared to the first half, the second half seems interesting and the story actually starts from second half only.

Minus Points:

When coming to minus points, the director might have focused much on the narration part, as it completely seems lost in the film. Throughout the film, there are no gripping scenes and even though the concept is good, but the director failed to present it on screen. The twist in the climax justified the story, but it can be better. The first half is full of unwanted scenes and audience will get bored easily till the interval. There is no proper supporting cast and even the villain seems funny without any seriousness.

Technical Aspects:

The production values are good, but they can be better. Dialogues and editing work is impressive and director Sreedhar did well his part and if he focused more on narration, then the film will definitely become a super hit. As he is a software engineer himself, he has written the plot well and tries to showcase how the youth is getting sidetracked with the misuse of technology.

Final Verdict:

Vijay Devarakonda’s Ye Mantram Vesyave is completely a one-man show and audience can watch it for Vijay’s terrific performance only.

Rating :2.5/5

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